Working Group on Data Review

Not all errors or anomalies in data can be found by automated validation. Additional data review by physical persons will always be required. Data reviewing is here understood as the visual inspection of data and the manual commenting on any discovered errors or anomalous data that require additional explanation or justification.

The voluntary reviewing made by domain experts is an essential part of maintaining high quality of an open source database. For domain experts to confirm the plausibility of new data when submitted to the database, it is necessary to make it easy and rewarding for the domain experts to participate actively. Integration with social media and associated reward mechanisms is an important part of this.

This Working Group is responsible for developing and maintaining a simple web-interface for review of new data (both automatically harvested and manually entered), as well as procedures for the desired selection of and interaction with reviewers. This includes automated and semi-automated management and social media design and integration. An innovative procedure for systematic peer review of new data will be tested, consisting in breaking down the traditional slow and resource-demanding review procedure into smaller instances of confirming the plausibility of single data triples.

The Working Group is also responsible for ensuring that the reviews are documented and the result presented to data providers and users in an optimal way for their use in further data processing and improvement.

This Working Group is expected to be composed of experts from the ISO/TC 207/SC 5 Working Group on critical review of LCA, and developers from the existing footprint databases and softwares.