Payment information

We do not sell or trade your information to anyone. We are currently not able to receive tax deductible donations. We do not seek donations from persons or entities located in jurisdictions that prohibit or restrict fundraising activities by international charities or that apply gift taxes on donations made to international charities.

Recurring payments will be debited until you notify us to stop. We’ll send you an email receipt for each payment, which will include a link to the cancellation instructions: Send us an e-mail at including what type of change you would like to make and as much information as you can about the original gift such as the e-mail that was used for the donation receipt and the full name used. You will then receive an email confirmation when the change is completed. Please do not include your credit card number or other financial information when contacting us.

After clicking a banner or following a donation link, the page you’re taken to is on a secured site (https); all information is encrypted and handled following the highest standard of data protection.

If you see a warning/error certificate while trying to donate, it is likely due to an outdated version of your browser. Please update your browser to a newer version or use a different browser.

If you still have doubts or need help tracking your transaction, please contact