BONSAI – Big Open Network for Sustainability Assessment Information

The aim of BONSAI is to make reliable, unbiased sustainability information on products – “product footprints” – readily and freely available whenever and wherever it is needed to support product comparisons and decisions.

BONSAI is a not-for-profit association, with the aim that all data, software and algorithms to produce “product footprints” are maintained as open source. Funding is based on commitments from governments, industries and charities, and supplemented by crowdfunding.

What if we had a single point of entry to climate data for all products in the world?

At Aalborg University a team is about to finalize Version 1 of a great climate database, which contains climate data on all products from all countries in the world. The project is called Getting the Data Right and it is part of the 70by30 project, funded by the KR Foundation. BONSAI is hosting the platform.

Version 1 is available at: To access the Footprint Analyzer you will need a user and a password. If you are interested in testing this first version, please send an email to Jesper Dalgaard Pøhler from Getting the Data Right at