Become a member and/or contribute

Becoming a member

BONSAI is a not-for-profit association, with the objective of maintaining open data and open source software to produce transparent and reproducible “product footprints”.

If you want to support us, consider to become a member of the BONSAI non-profit association by contributing with an annual membership fee of 150 €. Membership allows participation and voting right in the General Assembly. Members will receive an email with the details to join the assembly.

A reduced annual fee of €50 can be granted to active members of the BONSAI network. We consider active members people that contribute towards reaching the goal of the organization, for example contributing to one of our active working groups or initiating a new one based on our work plan. Active membership is certified by one of the board members.


If you want to become an active member of the BONSAI network, or find out why you should, we encourage you to read our guide: Getting Started. Contributors do not necessarily have to be BONSAI members.

Contribution may also be agreed to in the form of a sponsorship. Specific deliverables may be funded by specific donations and/or as government research projects.

However, we rely on public support to cover the basic costs of the organization and/or on in-kind work for management and coordination of the BONSAI network.

Please consider making a donation of 20 €, 40 € or more. Whatever you can spare will be put to good use with BONSAI! 

OBS: The automatic payment option is currently unavailable – please contact us via e-mail if you would like to contribute.